When you open the Control Panel, you will see numerous applets. If you open the Administrative Tools applet, you will see even more of them. Here is a registry tweak you can use in Windows 2000/XP/NT to hide select Control Panel applets.

Your first step is to open the Windows registry. Simply click Start, click Run, and type in regedit. If you are unfamiliar with the Registry, I would definitely recommend performing a back up before you proceed to make any changes.

Once your registry is open, locate the following registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\don’t load. Create a new string value for each of the applets you want to hide. Name the new string after the applet that will be hidden (for example, appwiz.cpl). Configure the value for the new string value as ‘No’. This will hide the applet in the Control Panel. If you want to unhide the applet, simply delete this value.

The following is a list of applets you will find in the Control Panel:

  • access.cpl – Accessibility Applet
  • appwiz.cpl – Add/Remove Programs Applet
  • console.cpl – Console Applet
  • timedate.cpl – Date and Time Applet
  • desk.cpl – Display Applet
  • fax.cpl – Fax Applet
  • hdwwiz.cpl – Hardware Wizard Applet
  • irprops.cpl – Infrared Port Applet
  • intl.cpl – International and Regional Applet
  • inetcpl.cpl – Internet Settings Applet
  • joy.cpl – Joystick Applet
  • liccpa.cpl – Licensing Applet
  • main.cpl – Mouse and Keyboard Applet
  • mlcfg32.cpl – Mail Applet
  • mmsys.cpl – Sound and Multimedia Applet
  • modem.cpl – Modem and Phone Applet
  • ncpa.cpl – Network and connectivity Applet
  • netcpl.cpl – Network and Dial-up Connectivity Applet
  • nwc.cpl – Netware Client Applet
  • odbccp32.cpl – ODBC Applet
  • devapps.cpl – PC Card Applet
  • ports.cpl – Ports Applet
  • powercfg.cpl – Power Management Applet
  • sticpl.cpl – Scanner and Camera Applet
  • srvmgr.cpl – Server Manager Applet
  • sapi.cpl – Speech Properties Applet
  • sysdm.cpl – System Applet
  • telephon.cpl – Telephony Applet
  • tweakui.cpl – TweakUI Applet
  • nusrmgr.cpl – User Manager Applet
  • wspcpl32.cpl – WSP Client Applet
  • quicktime.cpl – QuickTime Applet