Linux Forums has a good interview with Andreas Girardet, the developer of the Yoper Linux distribution. I’ve seen Yoper around, including on a Linux Format magazine DVD, but this is the first I’ve seen more than just the basic details.

Girardet lays out the goals for Yoper, and stresses that it’s very much a user-driven distribution. In fact, two of the more interesting points I took out of the interview are the way he recruits users from his user base (he says Yoper is a distro “by users for users”) and his intention to develop good documentation. Both of these, he hopes, will help unseat other commercial distributions (*cough*Windows*cough).

He discusses his philosophy on becoming profitable at the end of the interview, and feels that reaching a “critical mass” of users will generate its own demand. Customers will want the best of what the system can offer, and it is these customers who will pay money for it. This threw me at first, but I realized it makes sense — this is essentially what Red Hat, SuSE, etc. are already doing.

If you’d like to learn more about Yoper or download some ISO’s, you can find their website at Girardet says there are also plans in the works for a Live CD a la Knoppix.