Ever write an email that you intended to send an attachment with, only forget to actually attach the file? I had that happen this morning. It could have been an embarrassing mistake in this case, but KMail came to my rescue.

I primarily use Evolution on the desktop at home, but I’ve been too busy (and perhaps lazy) to throw it on the Slackware laptop, so I’ve been using KMail. A recruiter contacted me about a position and asked for a recent copy of my resume. This morning I tapped out the response, and wrote “the resume is attached per your request.” I then hit send, but forgot about the attachment.

It could have been an embarrassing mistake, but to my surprise, KMail prompted me for the attachment. The error was as follows:

The message you have composed seems to refer to an attached file but you have not attached anything.

Do you want to attach a file to your message?

It comes with three options: attach a file, send as is, or cancel. I selected the first, selected the file, and off it went.

Way cool.