Patricia Pickett of IT World Canada writes:

Physical and psychological harassment or bullying is one of the most damaging workplace issues — and according to one expert, the IT industry is not immune to it….

‘Bill’, an Ottawa-based IT worker whose name has been changed for anonymity, told IT World Canada in an e-mail interview that he has experienced bullying in his workplace but isn’t really sure how to deal with it constructively. He recently started working at a small company where teamwork and a collaborative environment are very important. Despite this, the other day he witnessed a female colleague burst into tears because of psychological harassment….

Rather than explaining to the person what he means, he [the team lead] will start harassing the person psychologically by raising his voice and showing frustration, indicating that he has been over this issue many times with that person and he does not understand why the issue still exists,” he explained, adding that this is usually done in front of several other people. “Most of the time he will bring up the issue that he is the person in charge and will ignore the fact the success or failure of the team is not just in his hands. []