Unsolicited e-mail, better known as spam, is a hot topic these days – and not just in the IT industry. Dealing with spam has become a daily task for most users, and it’s become such an issue that Congress recently created the first federal law regulating spam – the CAN-SPAM law.

Spam doesn’t just consume bandwidth, processor time, and storage space on your servers. It also reduces user productivity and has served as the delivery method of viruses and other harmful attachments to unsuspecting users.

Controlling spam has become a nightmare for most organizations. Let’s look at some ways you can win the war against unwanted e-mail.

Don’t relay

The first step in fighting spam is making sure you’re not a part of the problem. Turn off SMTP relay.

Open the Exchange Administrator Program, go to Connections for your site, and open the properties for the Internet Mail Service Connector. On the Routing tab, make sure that mail relay is disabled.

Note: If you’re allowing POP3 or IMAP4 clients to retrieve mail, you must enable mail relay, and you should also enable authentication. [Continued…] [Mike Mullins]