This is not just a really durable PDA, it is also an entrance into the world of enterprise quality PDAs according to Symbol News. Designed with the professional in mind, the MC50 Enterprise Digital Assistant allows the mobile professional to remain in sync with the days events along with maintaining a level of connection with the office.

The feature that really wows most people is the attention to security. Then on top of that, these PDAs not only provide you with Wi-Fi connectivity, but also have the option for bar code scanning and image capture if you so desire. If I had the cash, this is where my money would go.

The Enterprise Mobility Company™, today introduced the first in a new family of durable enterprise digital assistant (EDA) products specifically designed for business essential applications within the enterprise environment. Targeting the growing mobile enterprise market, the new Symbol MC50 mobile computer was created for mobile workers within organizations that are seeking to capture, move and manage information at the point of business activity in order to increase productivity and efficiency, while improving customer responsiveness and satisfaction.