CWShredder is still free and version 2.0 has just been released – get it here.

InterMute, Inc., a leading developer of Internet security and content filtering solutions, is announcing the acquisition of CWShredder, widely regarded as the only software to efectively detect and remove CoolWebSearch, one of the most treacherous spyware programs infecting personal computers today. CWShredder, developed in the Netherlands by Merjin Bellekom, will be incorporated into InterMute’s SpySubtract PRO anti-spyware solution.

CoolWebSearch is one of the bad boys of spyware, a complicated and
constantly morphing piece of malware that is able to mutate into adaptations more difficult to remove than previous versions whenever users try to uninstall it.

InterMute has improved CWShredder, introducing a new version of this
popular freeware tool that is more powerful than any prior release, combating new variants of the CoolWebSearch browser hijacker. In addition, InterMute intends to continue refining the valuable capabilities of CWShredder and incorporating its robust protection features into SpySubtract PRO to ensure that SpySubtract is able to defeat future variants of CoolWebSearch as they emerge.

“CoolWebSearch is probably one of the most vicious and hardest to
eliminate pieces of spyware circulating on the Internet today,” said Ed English, CEO of InterMute, Inc. “We are proud to offer CWShredder as a free download, and we plan to integrate its powerful functionality into SpySubtract PRO to give our customers the most robust protection available against invasive forms of software.”