Thirteen/WNET New York announced the launch this week of Broadway: The
American Musical
. The site is the companion to
the upcoming six-part series premiering October 19, 20, and 21st. on

The site offers a wealth of resources on the Broadway musical and its
history. Components include an interactive trivia game, informational
essays written by series co-writer Laurence Maslon, synopses of
important musicals, and a timeline – all of which will be augmented
with dozens of still photos, original illustrations, and graphics.

The Web site will also showcase substantial profiles of key
performers, directors, producers, choreographers, composers, and
lyricists, complemented by video excerpts of interviews with some of
the legends of Broadway featured in the series.

In addition, the site will feature downloadable resources and lesson
plans for teachers. These unique materials have been designed for use
by secondary-school teachers in language arts, social studies, music,
and the performing arts. Featuring song lyrics, biographies,
historical references, and writing and research activities, this
packet will offer a lively new way to examine American history,
culture and the arts via musicals like Carousel, Cabaret, and The