DualDiscs or ‘Hybrid Discs’ may not be all they are cracked up to be according to CDRinf, these discs are problematic at best. Apparently the CDR side of the disc has not met the requirements to received the Compact Disc logo.

So is this a bad thing? Well it could be. Besides the alleged misrepresentation of calling it a CD/DVD when it is not truly using a legit CD specification, Onkyo among other major device manufactures are warning against the use of these discs.

A cloud has appeared on the horizon for DualDisc – the innovative disc technology which marries the DVD format on one side of a disc to CD audio on the other. Onkyo is the latest major consumer electronics manufacturer warning customers it may not be safe to play the hybrid CD/DVD discs. Onkyo has announced it will launch an investigation into the suitability of the discs.

DualDisc, debuted by Warner Music, have DVD content on one side and CD content on the other. The issue is with the CD side which has failed to license the Compact Disc logo as it does not meet the appropriate specifications.