The newest version of the Sober worm, unleashed on the English- and German-speaking world on Friday, has an interesting twist.

The version aimed at Germans claims to contain an attachment featuring photos of an exotic dancer seeking employment. Specifically, the Sober-sent e-mail claims to include photos of an unclothed 21-year-old blond go-go dancer, looking for work.

The version aimed at the English-speaking world features the more mundane tag “delivery failure?” (or, somewhat more interestingly, “oh god”).

In any case, however, the worm is a serious threat, and not to be taken lightly. Those whose computers have a Sobering experience will find that the worm provides its own SMTP program, scrapes all e-mail addresses which it finds on the infected computer, and then replicates itself by e-mailing itself to all of those e-mail addresses. Then, as if that’s not enough… [Continued]