I’m thankful for a lot of things this year, including the turkey dinner that’s being prepared in our kitchen at this very moment. You have to start early if you wanna do it right. I’ve never been much for cranberries, though (not even the juice). Since I don’t particularly enjoy sporting events, I’m making a new Thanksgiving tradition in 2004: Wi-Fi on the Couch! I’ll probably be going at that alone, given that most other folks leave their devices on their desks during the holidays. When there’s a lull in the dinner conversation, I whip out my own dessert and talk turkey with the stylus. No doubt, I’ll have stuffed myself silly by the time everybody else gets up for seconds. It’s not like I try to overdo it on the eating thing – just that I’ve got a really great cook in the house. She can do wonders with turkey leftovers, too – including something called “turkey chili.” Last year, I had to stop her before she started to make turkey popsicles. For that, I would have not been thankful.

What are your Thanksgiving traditions? We used to gather ’round the table and talk about how school was going. The grown-ups swapped stories and discussed relatively taboo subjects at length. It’s great dinner conversation until someone winds up with a baster in their ear. And with my extended family back home, something like that was bound to happen before halftime. My folks traveled to Texas this year to visit Ben, my youngest brother. Dad will probably be spending tomorrow in front of the television (watching some sort of game). He doesn’t eat chicken or turkey, ya know. Mom, probably stuck in the kitchen with my brother’s girlfriend, preparing dinner or cleaning up after it. Ponzi and I are keeping it small here in southern California; it’s just her, her mother, her mother’s boyfriend, and me. There will be plenty of food to go around. We don’t mess around when it comes to holiday meals. There aren’t many decorations on the table, but that doesn’t mean we’re any less thankful for what this year has brought forth. And before I forget – thank YOU.