Not sure I really dig this latest move from Nintendo, to be completely honest. In its infinite wisdom, it has decided to add a media player to its DS handheld. This seems awful reminiscent of Sony and its efforts to bring a DVD player into its console system, the Playstation 2.

To all game companies, get a clue. We do not want media players in our systems. We want a better system than the other guy. We want cool games while keeping the price down to a reasonable level.

The add-on for the DS means people can download TV programmes, film clips or MP3 files to the adaptor and then play them back while on the move. The release of the media add-on is an attempt by the Japanese games giant to protect its dominance of the handheld gaming market. Nintendo said the media adapter will be available from February in Japan.

Media player
The Nintendo DS is the successor to the hugely successful GameBoy handheld game console and went on sale in Japan on 2 December. The DS has two screens, one of which is touch sensitive, and also has on-board a short-range wireless link that lets people play against each other.

The Nintendo DS, Nintendo
The launch of the media adapter, and the attempt to broaden the appeal of the device, is widely seen as a response to the unveiling of the Sony PSP which was built as a multi-purpose media player and game gadget from the start.