What fun is benchmarking if there is no real ‘stress test’? Apparently the folks at Tom’s Hardware feel the same way. To prove it, they took both AMD and Intel processors and beat the virtual pants off of them just to see how much punishment they could take.

Speed records are exciting, but more than five GHz are a glimpse in the future and at least another two years away from general commercial availability. Instead of breaking another record and cooling a system to the range of -200 degrees Celsius, Tom’s Hardware Guide engineers decided to take this year’s stress test into everyday life. Running at maximum load over some time, the processors will reveal their stability and product quality.

An Athlon 64 3500+ system as well as a Pentium 4 3.6 GHz platform go head to head in a comparison setting. Live video stream allows readers to watch the stress test anytime and view continuously updated test results.

The article describing and following the project can be found here:
Full Load All The Way: AMD Vs. Intel