Here it is, less than a week until Christmas Day, and we don’t yet have a Christmas Tree. We live in what has to be the Christmas Tree capitol of the galaxy, and we don’t have a Christmas Tree. All our tree decorations are still packed semi-neatly in a box next to our front window, but… no Christmas Tree on which to don them. They’ve got a few lots around our neighborhood, but I’ve been chained to “work” since landing here last week. I’ve gotta find a Christmas Tree tomorrow, man. I don’t care if it’s one of those pathetic “Charlie Brown Christmas” Christmas Trees at this point. Gimme at least two branches, give me a pine-scented air freshener, and my imagination will do the rest. Perhaps we’ll wait until after Christmas to get the Christmas Tree? It won’t be as much fun, but I bet they’ll be more than half off on the 26th. Nah, we gotta find a Christmas Tree ASAP.

From Each Christmas season millions of trees are purchased from lots and tree farms across the Nation. Few realize that the use of decorated trees as the centerpiece of this joyous celebration is a relatively recent tradition in America. Most historians agree that the first decorated Christmas trees appeared in the U.S. in the mid 1800’s. These trees were cut from natural stands of timber that surrounded the population centers of the time. As with most human tradition, the use of decorated Christmas trees evolved over the subsequent 150 year period to the production and distribution system that we know today.

Okay, now all I have to do is get one. Can’t be that hard this week, can it?