Technology is a level playing field that is open to anyone who wants to learn and benefit from it. However, it’s no secret that men tend to be the bigger tech dweebs, and because of this, the majority of resources available are built with our pathetic needs in mind. In the end, this really isn’t fair for women who are also highly interested in technology. Why shouldn’t they have their own place to join together, too? Webgrrls International provides a central location for the estrogen types to convene.

This isn’t just some girls club where women talk about their latest shoe purchase or Jude Law; this is a business related resource. It provides a great way for women to network, find job leads, and learn how to succeed in the wacky world of technology. Tutorials and advice are dished out here, along with a side of helpfulness. There are many intelligent women who have contributed resources to this site, so be sure to learn from what they have to say. Joining Webgrrls as a member will lead to even more personalized benefits. I guess it’s time to rethink The He-man Woman Haters Club, Spanky.