Miscellaneous Freeware for Windows or Windows NT

This is a mirror of Frank Westlake’s utilities page. He announced in March 2004 that he was shutting down his site and offered the utilities for redistribution by anyone. I asked for and received permission (9 March) to mirror his utilities pages as well. These utilities are offered as-is, with no warranty or documentation other than what is on the pages and built into the help. I have not tested most of these but people I respect have and recommend them. I am making them available here to prevent their loss with Frank’s web site and for no other reason. They are Franks, not mine, and I accept no responsibility for them. T.E.D.

There are surely better programs than these floating around but I prefer to write them to fit my own needs. Some of these programs will have features that the others don’t have but be lacking features that may be common.

Most of these, if not all of them, are also compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

All freeware available at this location is also freely redistributable.