Aside from the fact that this reminds me of something off of a bottle of Pine-Sol, this ActiveRefresh program sounds pretty cool! A program that strikes me as being targeted to both the RSS newbie and experinced user alike, ActiveRefresh is sure to continue making headlines with its innovative features.

It’s become clear that users want flexible and fast access to web content. ActiveRefresh is but one of the best way in delivering that.

ActiveRefresh is a web news monitor that monitors web resources (regular web pages, RSS feeds, mailboxes, YahooMail) and gathers the information that you are interested in, then presents it in an easy to read report overview. You can also monitor web sites that dont have RSS feeds by telling ActiveRefresh what information you want extracted from a web page. You can use ActiveRefresh to create your very own, fully customized web news center.

With ActiveRefresh you will see only the information you need – in the way you like to see it. The extracted contents is not not cluttered with advertisements, links, popups, navigation bars and all others useless for news reading things.