The first 10,000 visitors to register at can select free ringtones, wallpapers or Java™ games from an extensive content library.

Reported via URLwire:

BVRP Software, developer of the award-winning Mobile PhoneTools
software, today announced that free ringtones, Java Games and
Wallpapers are available to the first 10,000 mobile phone
users who register at the company’s new mobile content Web
store at features a wide variety of content, including
thousands of ringtones from popular artists like Britney Spears
and Outkast, and 30 different categories of wallpapers,
screensavers, images, video clips and mobile games. The site
also allows mobile users to customize and send personal photos
from their PC to their mobile phones.

The store’s extensive library of premium
content is adapted for a worldwide audience and can deliver
content through most major mobile carriers in the US, Europe
and Asia, including Vodafone, Cingular (AT&T Wireless) and
Orange. The content library is also adapted for most major
handset brands including Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Siemens
and Sony-Ericsson. features a unique purchasing system that
allows members to buy points in bulk and receive volume
discounts that save them up to 30% off the prices of
individual products. Mobileffects members also save time
since all their phone model and provider information is
saved making buying mobile content faster.

Mobileffects is among a small but growing number of
independent mobile content stores to enter the rapidly
expanding mobile content market. According to analysis
firm Consect, ringtones rang up $4 billion in revenues
worldwide in 2004, with sales doubling in the U.S.
In the U.S. alone, mobile game downloads are expected
to generate $1.8 billion annually within four years –
a ten-fold increase from 2003 levels – market researcher
In-Stat/MDR forecasts. This market traditionally dominated
by the mobile carriers has opened up in the past year
due to billing and delivery agreements that allow
independent stores access to billions of mobile users.

BVRP has been developing mobile content delivery, editing
and synchronization tools for over six years. Its Mobile
PhoneTools software, which allows users to exchange content
between a PC and mobile phone through Bluetooth, IrDA and
USB, is bundled with mobile phones from Motorola and other
leading manufacturers. Mobileffects extends the range of
delivery options for BVRP’s customers by providing over
the air (OTA) delivery of content from the PC to the
mobile phone through the carrier network.

About BVRP Software
Based in France, with subsidiaries in Germany, Great Britain,
Spain and the United States, the BVRP Software Group is a
worldwide leading publisher of communications and mobility
software and a major provider of personal and professional
software designed for utilities, office productivity and
multimedia. Founded in 1984, BVRP Software celebrates 20
years of innovation in 2004. BVRP products are marketed in
over 100 countries, through e-commerce, OEM partnerships
and IT resellers. In June 2003, BVRP Group formed
Avanquest Global Software Publishing, a coalition of
software publishers offering worldwide publishing resources to
software developers everywhere. The group posted revenue
of €48.6M and a net income of €3.9M in 2003, and revenue
of €27.4M and a net income of €3.2M in the first half-year
of 2004. Since December 1996, BVRP Software has been listed
on the Euronext Nouveau Marché (ISIN FR0004026714).
Additional information on BVRP is available here.