From the ‘ya get what pay for department’, Motorola has learned a valuable lesson about trying to cut costs a little too close to the bone you might say. Apparently, they were quite upset with the Taiwan’s manufacturers of their Windows Mobile phones. So based on what I am hearing, it’s the Taiwan company that is actually at fault for Motorola’s short comings? Perhaps it is. Regardless, they should have made better arrangements in the first place.

This may come as a shock, but apparently Motorola is very angry at Taiwan’s manufacturers of their Windows Mobile phones: Compal Communications (that was supposed to manufacture MPx100 but was dumped already before), Chi Mei Communications (i.e. CMCS, they produced simple MPx200 that didn’t have camera and Bluetooth and now they produce MPx220 that has camera and Bluetooth but camera is of very poor quality and this phone has a lot of issues and problems) and Compal Electronics (that was supposed to produce Motorola MPx but this phone never reached EU or USA and is very slow and with little memory and also with issues).

Motorola decided to dump Taiwanese manufacturers and decided to produce Windows Mobile powered phones in its own factories instead! Could be that Taiwanese manufacturers has been made a scapegoat for Motorola’s failures, but … equally well it could be indeed, that these Taiwanese manufacturers are at fault!

Last year, in an interview with us, Michael Tatelman who is a Vice President of Motorola responsible for Microsoft powered cell phones, was in fact making fun of HTC phones, stating that they are not a serious competition to Motorola, but after that interview HTC has released such stunning models as HTC Typhoon (C500, STM5600, i-mate SP3, etc) and HTC Magician (Xda II mini, MDA Compact, i-mate JAM, etc) that easily has beaten Motorola in 2 things: 1) they had time to market much shorter than Motorola’s phones, 2) they are smaller with less issues, than Motorola’s phones! So in the end it is HTC that can now make fun of Motorola!