We love our media. Most of us just can’t seem to get enough audio and video content to keep ourselves satisfied. One of the annoying things about acquiring a large amount of files is that your file management gets a little out of hand. Let’s say that you have individual audio or video files for a concert of one of your favorite bands, but instead of selecting a specific media file to watch a portion of the performance, you’d rather join the files into one huge file that contains the entire performance. The nice thing about modern software is that it allows you to do stuff like this by hand fairly easily, but you can also use a joining application that will do all of the grunt work for you. MediaJoin will take on the workload.

This software is about as simple as it gets. Choose the audio or video files that you want to join (there is apparently no limit to the amount of files that you can combine), arrange the order of the sequence that you want them to appear in, tweak a few output options as you see fit, and then begin the file surgery. This worked great for the audio files that I joined, but whenever I tried to combine video files, the program crashed on me. Hooray. Try it out on your own machine and see what success you have. If this is a widespread problem, then it’s about time the company pulls out a can of Raid and uses it on this tremendous bug.

[3.0M] [Win9x/2k/XP] [FREE]