[Multimedia brochure creation] Using CatalogBuilder, it’s a snap to build a category-driven product catalog with highly customizable styles and powerful features. The catalog can contain power search, categorized navigation, thumbnail viewing, selection basket, product description pages, slideshows, product detail sections, special graphics, magnified views, and zooming options, providing a rich and expressive experience for your customers.

Once published, a catalog can be easily distributed and displayed as a Web gallery, Web catalog, photo album, multimedia CD brochure, or electronic catalog. Unlike most photo album or photo gallery software, CatalogBuilder is designed with the resourceful entrepreneur in mind, who may have a number of creative uses for its vast potential as a powerful marketing tool (trade shows, client meetings, whatever)! The user can customize and configure catalog contents, themes, and design settings to suit any particular campaign or strategy, no matter the industry.

But even if you have no interest in using it for business, CatalogBuilder makes a spectacular personal photo album. Its uses are as boundless as your imagination!

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Its uses are as boundless as your imagination!