This brave new world of digital music just can’t be beat, daddy-o. I used to dream of having my own antique jukebox and for years, collected 45 RPM singles, waiting for that magic day. But as much as I’d still love to have a vintage Rockola, Seeburg, or maybe even a Wurlitzer, I’m really not that keen to fork out the big bucks for a relic in need of restoration.

The digital music revolution has changed my modus operandi. My new dream is to build a completely digital jukebox … one that would do George Jetson proud. (Speaking of which, if you need a copy of Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah, you can find it here, courtesy of the marvelous Jaztronauts.)

Where I used to drive all over the state looking for that elusive vinyl at the cool record shops, now the music lands on my hard drive (or on the front stoop) with just a few clicks. I don’t bother with the manufactured music shop at the mall anymore, since they never seem to have what I’m after. Digital music, on the other hand, makes it way too easy.

I’m into what some folks might deem obscure. Well heck, it’s not obscure to me. When’s the last time you saw a gnarly Surf Instrumental section at your local music store? I’d guess never.

While I can throw more than my share of coins at the iTunes store, I’ve turned into a very careful digital music shopper. I’ll check out what iTunes has to offer … and if I can’t find what I’m looking for at the moment … or if I think I can find a better deal on something, I head off to eBay to see what I can turn up on the used CD market.

iTunes has gaping holes in coverage, to be sure, but it’s awesome for a quick digital music fix … when there’s a song or album that I just have to have immediately. (Like this weekend, when I smacked myself in the head for not having a single Buddy Holly song in the library.)

But if there’s a CD I can wait for, I often find it at eBay for a good bit less. This week is a good example: I picked up three used CDs for less then seven bucks, plus shipping. I never had to leave my desk and the whole deal was done in less than fifteen minutes. When the CDs arrive in a few days, I’ll throw them into the drive, rip ’em, pop ’em out and throw ’em on the shelf. Instant backup and completely legit.

I’ve been thinking about picking up a big fat external Firewire drive to hold my growing digital music collection. Seeing as we’re in for a foot of snow tonight, I guess I’ll just have to keep the hot rod in the garage and shop online …