Looks like ObjectWeb is ready to meet the world head on with their latest release of JORAM. Designed to be a Java-based messaging system, it is looking like one really sweet package to me!

ObjectWeb has announced that JORAM 4.2 has been released. JORAM is a 100% pure Java implementation of JMS 1.1. The Joram 4.2 release features high availability, enhanced management facilities and improved performances.

JORAM also includes a configurable dead messages queue, J2ME client libraries, clustered topics and queues, a graphical administration console, and a distributed JNDI server.

Changes include:
– Upgraded JMX management features
– Upgraded JDK 1.5 support
– Support for dynamic configuration of the JORAM platform
– New operations to read/delete messages from subscriptions and queues
– Network communications
– Joram RA (JCA component)
– Bug fixes

High Availability: Joram 4.2 provides the active replication of Joram servers and underlying agent servers, as well as replicated JORAM clients. It transparently handles network handover and server failover. This version currently relies on the use of JGroups.

Dynamic Configuration: Joram 4.2 provide facilities to remotely add and remove Joram servers dynamically, using the Joram Administration API. This key feature, combined with upgraded JMX implementation, initiates a new set of management facilities for Joram. [Read the rest]