Whether you like it or not, the browser wars are currently being fought. Instead of just using one solid browser, it seems like we need to have at least a couple at our disposal. Whichever one you choose to be your eye into the World Wide Web is fine as long as it works for you. There have been a ton of browsers released over the years – more than you probably imagined. If you’d like to take a step back into the past and download some of the classics, check out the Browser Archive.

Why would you want to download older browsers? Well, it’s fun to see how some of the modern pages render with this older technology, and this visual research can greatly benefit Web developers. They aim to create pages that are functional on a wide range of browsers, and what better way to verify this than to download an arsenal of browsers? While you’re surely bound to find ones that you’ve never heard of, more recognizable names like Mosaic and Lynx can be found here, as well.