I, for one, am tired of talking about Firefox. Don’t get me wrong, I think the browser is the best one out there, but the discussion of it is unrelenting. It seems like more Firefox information is fed to me on a daily basis than any other computing topic right now. Just to further prove the point, here I am talking about it. It never ends. I’m sure the Firefox folks aren’t too disappointed by all of the commotion, though. They deserve it. You know, I thought I had observed all of the Firefox hoopla that is in existence today, but as soon as I said that, Funnyfox came along to prove me wrong.

This site contains three short commercials that promote Firefox. I must say that I think they’re really well done. The concepts are fresh, funny, and memorable. If you know of someone who hasn’t seen the power of this browser beast yet, send them a link to your favorite commercial. Maybe it’ll encourage them to download the software.