Identity theft is one thing. Losing your cellphone after a wild night on the town? That’s something else, altogether … especially when the cellphone’s phone book includes phone numbers for Bill Gates, two former presidents, and a host of music and movie stars. Just ask Jimmy Buffett …

Everyone knows by now that Paris Hilton’s Sidekick was hacked. But at least it didn’t take the Secret Service to get it back.

The Palm Beach Post’s Page Two reports that everyone’s favorite parrot head lost his Ericsson cellphone in the vicinity of Brisa Atlantica, a Delray Beach, Florida hot spot early in the morning on May 29th.

A busboy allegedly pocketed the expensive Ericsson cell phone and refused to return it … until a visit from a Secret Service agent (along with the local cops) made him see the light.

Crank calls to Bubba, apparently, will not be tolerated.

According to Page Two, the SIM card was not returned with the cell phone.

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