I started doing HTML in the late 1980’s. I knew I needed an understanding of how graphics worked with the HTML code to produce an attractive and professional looking website. There was one source that stood out for computer graphic design, online color and basic HTML implementation, Lynda Weinman. Lynda was making her living teaching, and working on how graphics in the computer environment differed from the print community. I purchased several of her books and was on my way to becoming one of the first website designers in my small central Wisconsin community.

As the years went by Lynda expanded her teachings and books to encompass more website design programs such as Dreamweaver and GoLive, and web graphic tools such as Illustrator and Photoshop. Her website www.lynda.com became a everyday stop for me. I was still in my dark days at the time, working with a PC. The lessons Lynda taught were always on an Apple machine and from day one, she was a strong voice in the Mac design community.

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