Jay Barnson, of Rampant games, took on a challenge: develop a game in one week. But, this was no ordinary pong clone instead, he chose to develop a classic top-down RPG game with all of the bells and whistles. And, he kept a journal of each and every hour he worked on the game, totaling 40 hours.

For those of you who have never worked on the development side of software before, or are thinking about programming games, this is a terrific look into what really goes on behind the scenes of developing a game.

An RPG in a week, starting from scratch? How hard could it be?

I did it because of a dare.

There are many great resources available to small, budget-conscious independent game developers today. On a public forum, in a counter-rant, I expressed this fact by bragging that if you gave me a week, a fresh install of Windows, and a good Internet connection, I could build a halfway decent game with no budget whatsoever. No, it wouldn’t be able to compete with Halo 2 or anything (if I could create that kind of game in a week, I’d quit my day job), but it would be reasonably amusing and playable.

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