The above quote is from John C. Dvorak in, PC magazine and his article, Windows Vista: Whereís the Buzz?Ē We have all come to think of John as a Apple hating, Unix hating, Windows PC user over the years. So thatís what makes his latest article so unusual. He starts out by making fun of the Vista name, which everyone does, including me, so just skip over that part. John then looks at why there is no buzz for Vista. He comes to the conclusion that many of us have come to and thatís that Windows Vista will offer nothing that it had originally promised 5 years ago. But he then looks at an interesting scenario.

When Vista is released, there will be a mass migration to OSX, which even though Jobs says will never be sold for PC users, Apple will eventually realize that Bill Gates became the richest person in the world by selling software, not hardware and will relent to public and stock holder pressure. Microsoft will fall back on itís Office and Xbox products while Linux/Apache will take over the server space with MySQL and PHP as the hot development tools. Google will dominate the Internet and online applications. The rub would be if Google came out with an operating system as some have thought they would eventually.

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