Would you like to automatically search live television broadcasts based on key words?

How about an immediate email notification of relevant news with video and text of anything matching your keywords of interest or the ability to archive any relevant video segment found?

Keyword search of online video and audio recordings is emerging as a highly in-demand feature that may boost the potential for making audio and video on-demand a very profitable market.

Audio/video search technology is fast becoming a must for today’s digital lifestyle as more consumers gain access to high-speed Internet connections and consume more audio/video content than was ever possible before.

Increasingly more and more companies are understanding that given the fast increasing number of rich-media content becoming available on the Internet, the way to best leverage this opportunity is by becomign a clearinghouse facilitating access to such immense quantity of content.

With keyword search-enabled multimedia archives, it becomes much easier for users to find content that may fit their specific needs as well as extending the ability to easily zero-in on specific quotes, spoken phrases and claims that could have infinite applications in a hundred of other fields from advertising to law.

Here is a small reference set of what appear to be the first group of pioneering companies attacking this opportunity while providing a truly useful facilities to end-users like me and you.

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