Wow, the responses to the Lockergnome Firefox Secrets Contest have been nothing short of astonishing! It took a few for the response to begin rolling in, but boy, oh, boy you folks really came through. Well, now comes the hard part: deciding which five lucky folks will be selected as the winners. Now to be honest, this sort of thing is not something that I enjoy. Fortunately, we have been contacted by the folks at sitepoint and they are offering to give the non-selected a chance to save $10 off of the cover price! Yup, I am not talking about some weak 10% off here, people. No, you will actually receive a $10 off coupon good for a that amount off of the book’s cover price. Oh and in case you are wondering, those who did not submit anything are also eligible for the $10 coupon. Sweet, eh?

So why all of this generosity? Could it actually be part of some bizarre Star Wars based rebellion plot to overthrow Internet Explorer? Speaking for myself, I don’t think so. At no time during my time reading Firefox Secrets did I ever notice anything slanderous or nasty being said about competing browsers. Besides that, I was also relieved to discover that at no time was a feeling motivated to go and deface fictional statues of Bill Gates or drive around Redmond mooning Microsoft employees. In other words, this book is just here to provide you with what I consider to be a ‘missing manual’ to the Firefox browser.

This coming Thursday, kids, I will be announcing the winners for the Firefox contest and will also be contacting the winners. Details on the coupons and other good stuff in that regard to come later. See you then!

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