novaPDF is a really neat tool. Basically, it’s a printer driver that prints to a PDF file instead of paper.

All right, so the concept isn’t new, but it’s still cool and cheap. At $19.95 for the Lite edition, novaPDF will convert your files into PDF format without making your wallet cry.

After downloading and installing the program (which takes all of one minute) you’re ready to print to a PDF. Any program that can print via the standard Windows printer interface can print to PDF, including text, Word, Excel, image, and PDF files. Although why you would want to print a PDF file to a PDF file is beyond me.

Once you’ve decided to which file you wish to print, a “Save As…” dialog box pops up and you choose where to save your PDF file. It’s simple, easy, neat, and elegant.

There are some technical limitations that this product – like the others in its class – cannot overcome, including making clickable links; but, I can’t fault the product for this, because it’s a limitation that comes from interpreting data that would normally be sent to the printer.

I did notice that The GIMP 2.2 had a serious problem printing to PDF. For some reason the image came out quite odd, as if some lines in the image were repeated – which did not occur when printing to paper; however, MS-Paint did not exhibit the same behavior, so I don’t know if this is a fault with The GIMP or novaPDF, but it’s something you should be aware of. Other programs printer flawlessly, including Paint Show Pro, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Visual Studio .NET, Dev-C++, Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and a myriad of other programs.

I usually like to go in-depth with my reviews, but there’s not a whole lot of stuff to go “in-depth” about. I mean, the product works as advertised, the company is responsive to technical questions, and everything works seamlessly with Windows 2000, XP, and Server 2003. It’s also a great alternative to purchasing the Adobe package – especially for budding eBook authors.

What more could I possibly say? In my opinion, novaPDF is a great product that works without forcing the user to configure anything. The convenience alone is worth the money.

[Click here to check out novaPDF]