One of the first things that people want to learn when they get into technology is how to make a Web site. In the past, this meant using one of the free and tacky template Web site creation services or learning HTML. These days, there are an abundance of WYSIWYG editors and blogging services that will help you to get a personal page up and running immediately. Even with these conveniences, some intrepid geeks still decide to learn the old-fashioned way. The Real-time HTML Editor gives you instant results as soon as you type in your code.

This site couldn’t be easier to use. Essentially, you just have a simple text editor at the top of the page where you type in your HTML code, and the bottom half of the page features a preview pane that updates as you type. I tried a bunch of different tags, and they all worked flawlessly. The flashing of the page with every keystroke will bother some, but that’s just how the content stays current – it has to refresh. When you’ve created something that’s worth saving, just copy the code for safekeeping.