As a rule, most sony products are pretty good. And from what I have seen, this is true of the Sony cyber-shot as well. The latest to be added, the DSC-N1, appears to be keeping in spirit of Sony quality with a huge 8 megapixels. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Sony continues to push the envelope in the ultra compact digital camera market with the introduction of the new Cyber-shot DSC-N1 camera. The DSC-N1 combines a whopping 8 megapixel HAD CCD sensor and a 3 inch color LCD touch screen into a super small portable chassis.

The DSC-N1 isn’t all about high quality picture taking of course. The new camera allows you to carry up to 500 of your favorite images in VGA resolution and use them to create vivid slide shows with music and transition effects. The N1 automatically creates a VGA copy of every image you take and then you have the option to save the image to your photo album. Thus with the DSC-N1, you can take pictures and share them easily with your friends and family. [Read the rest]