If you have been interested in doing something with Jabber and Google Talk, then this is most likely the best bet for you.

I’ve got a shiny new laptop, and I’ve been spending the last week or so installing all my favourite bits of software (yes I’m a techy nerd!).

I like open source and GPL stuff… needless to say I’m using Firefox and Thunderbird for internet and email rather than the MS equivalents.

My mind turned to an instant messaging client, and I started to look at Jabber rather than AIM, MSN or Yahoo. The first thing I did was have a look at www.jabber.org to get up to speed. I found out was that there is a huge array of client programs to choose from. I chose Gaim: it’s open source needless to say, but it also supports AIM, MSN, Yahoo and a whole lot more. You can also use multiple accounts simultaneously if you want. [Read the rest]

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