Windows XP introduces a few changes to Task Manager. There are now four tabs within the Task Manager window instead of two as seen with NT and the three with Windows 2000. The Applications tab serves to display all of the active applications on the system. Services and application-spawned processes will not appear with this tab. The Processes tab, however, will display all processes running on the server – applications, processes, and services.

The Application tab lists all the programs that are currently running on the computer as well as the status. If a program hangs, the status will be listed as Not responding and you can end the program by clicking the End Task button.

The Processes tab lists all the processes that are currently running on the computer. One additional feature that is available with Windows XP is the ability to right-click on an application listed on the Application tab and click Go To Process. This will switch to the Processes tab, with the associated process highlighted. It will not, however, display all associated processes.

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