Well, I am in the middle of doing a PC upgrade for myself. So of course I would be called out on a job right in the middle of trying to get everything backed-up, moved over and so on. Tonight’s repair was not too intense though. I suppose one might even venture to say it was more routine, than anything. Nonetheless, I am without a main machine and I am currently working off of my notebook computer instead of the new machine like I was hoping to be. The funny thing is that I really am not noticing that much of a difference from my old desktop to my notebook. The performance ‘feels’ about the same and since I have my keyboard, monitor and mouse all plugged in…things appear to be groovin’ right along.

When I first asked for advice about upgrading, one of the things that someone brought to my attention was the importance of realizing that PCIe is going to become the ‘norm’ here very shortly. “AGP is dead, you are going to want to take that into account.” And you know what, this is true. There is a heap of logic in that recommendation and anyone with half a brain would take that into consideration.

So after I bought my motherboard supporting AGP (stop laughing), I verified that I would be able to locate an ample supply of video cards in which to choose from when it came time next month to buy a new one. I am currently using a Radeon 9100 just in case you were wondering.

Finding a great AGP card that will meet my needs should not even be an issue. My god people, just cruise PriceWatch.com some time! You can really score with a great card for very little money if you are willing to shop around a little.

And it is with that last statement that I pose this week’s big question: If you are in the market for a really great AGP 8x vid-card supporting DirectX 9.0 and have about $120-160 to work with, which card would be an outstanding gaming performer for the money? Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions, I know that PCIe is ‘this, that and the other thing’. But AGP thoughts are definitely where my mind is at this fine Friday evening.

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