Reinstalling your Windows operating system every year or so most certainly helps to keep things nice and speedy. Sure, it is a real pain in the butt, however, once it is finished, you are going to be a whole lot better off.

Well, one of my own PCs happens to be exhibiting the need for a reinstall pretty deeply right now. Boy, no matter what we do to prevent it, the Winrot will eventually catch up with us over time. Especially if you use your PC as much as I do. And so, I will likely be spending a large part of my evening ‘revamping’ things and doing the reinstall dance.

Now, most of the time taking such drastic measures is not needed. Let’s say, for instance, you just need to upgrade your video drivers. For the most part, getting the old ones cleaned out is a pretty easy task. However, sometimes you need to get a little extra help in order to remove all of the leftover driver junk that the older video drivers tend to leave behind.

Upon a suggestion from a Lockergnome reader recently, I was inspired to locate a useful tool that would be able to do just that. Lo and behold, I found a program called Driver Cleaner Professional Edition. Folks, this application does a an outstanding job at removing the junk and even then, checks with you for approval before doing anything really permanent. It installs easily and makes short work of any video driver leftovers. Those of you with ATI cards know what I am talking about.

Look, don’t settle for less than you have to. Take this software, use it, and be free from driver leftovers once and for all.

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