It can be a real trick to keep track of expenses when you’re out on business. Meals, lodging, transportation, parking… it adds up quickly. Miss an entry in your expense log or misplace a receipt and you’re out of luck (i.e. your own money). If you’re keen on saving both your hard earned cash and your sanity (and who isn’t?), automating your expense accounting is a big step in the right direction…

Ah, the expense account. To those without them, it sounds almost glamorous. To those with them, it can be sheer drudgery, at best. The paperwork, deadlines, and low daily thresholds can be enough to make you want to scream. Thankfully, there’s expense account software that helps with the first two issues.

The tight budgets… that’s another story.

At one point, I worked for a company with a daily expense account budget so tight, I could only afford one decent meal a day on the road.

But I quickly learned the ropes when the company would go en masse to a trade show. The game was called “find the bigwig with the expense account big enough to cover dinner.” Once dinner was covered, I just needed to pay for breakfast at the hotel and a sandwich for lunch. Trade show food. Yum.

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