There’s a new service we’ve been testing on Lockergnome – Chitika. The reasons are varied, but it all started when I saw it on someone else’s site and I thought to myself: “How can I get one of those?!” Didn’t take long for me to sign-up for an account and integrate it within our Web pages (currently at the top). The results, by the way, have been amazing. It’s certianly helping Gnomies, and it’s certainly something you should consider if you have a space on the Internet:

Chitika’s eMiniMalls bring life to product promotion on the web. Automatically targeted to the content of your webpage, eMiniMalls selects the best product and provides your users with robust comparative shopping information to make an informed buying decision – before they leave your site. As users click, you make money. In real-time, eMiniMalls selects the top products for your web page and displays interactive and robust information such as product ratings, descriptions, reviews, related Blog content and even where users can get the best buy on the net. All of the information needed for comparison shopping – all in one place.

And when they say “all in one place,” they really mean it. You can search for something new/different without ever leaving the current Web page! It’s probably one of the most interesting / nifty networks I’ve ever stumbled upon. Like I suggested, if you have a site – and are looking to earn some extra spending cash for the impending Holiday season, I’d seriously suggest taking a look at Chitika for your needs. I’ve been a big proponent for Google AdSense, and this new service certainly complements it.

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