I read many first-rate articles out there on the Web and share them with others. Alas, I can’t share everything I’d like because some sites require free registration to view the article. In sending you this newsletter, I want to make it fast and easy for you to scan and read content – no barriers like registration allowed. Read this month’s rant… feature, that is on restricted content.

No doubt, you know that growing a newsletter subscription base is challenging. I can relate. I’ve learned two things about getting more subscribers:

  1. The more frequently you publish your newsletter, the more subscriptions you get because people see it more often.
  2. The higher the number of subscribers you have, the more that sign on.

I’ve seen newsletters that come out five and seven days a week, and these often have many subscribers, but keeping up with them daily can be a burden (not Lockergnome since you can scan the headlines and decide whether or not to read). The other newsletter that I manage started with 80,000 subscribers and broke 100,000 in less than a year, while it took a over a year to get 20,000 subscribers for another newsletter that started very small. The best advice column provides ideas on how to boost your subscriber base.

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