Most operating systems are designed to run on a minimum set of hardware requirements to ensure adequate performance. Ignoring these requirements can result in a failed installation. Verify that the hardware in your system at least meets the minimum hardware requirements before upgrading.

The minimum requirements to install Windows XP Professional and Home Editions include:

  • 233+ MHZ processor (a maximum of two processors is supported)
  • 1.5+ GB free hard disk space
  • 64+ MB of RAM (a maximum of 4 GB is supported)
  • Super VGA or higher resolution monitor
  • 12x CD-ROM drive (not required for network based installations)
  • Mouse, keyboard

Keep in mind when you are choosing hardware that these are the bare minimum requirements to run the operating system. They do not take into account any network services or applications that may be running on the computer. Plan to increase these requirements for optimal performance.

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