Winnt32.exe is used to run Setup on computers running a previous version of Windows that can be upgraded to Windows XP. You can begin the upgrade process by inserting the Windows XP CD into your CD-Rom drive and typing winnt32 at the command prompt. If autorun is enabled, click Install Windows XP from the Welcome to Microsoft Windows XP window. The upgrade process will begin as outlined below.

  1. If prompted, close any open applications.
  2. Choose the type of installation you want to perform. In this instance you should choose Upgrade (Recommended). Click Next.
  3. Click I accept the agreement and click Next.
  4. Type in the product key found in the Windows XP case.
  5. The Upgrade Advisor checks the current hardware and software. Make note of any findings and click Next.
  6. If you have an Internet connection, setup will prompt you whether or not to obtain operating system updates from the Internet using dynamic updates. Click Next.
  7. Once setup updates the necessary files and copies files to your computer, your computer will reboot.
  8. Your computer will reboot once again after more files are copied to your computer.
  9. Setup will install devices and the network. Start Menu items are installed and components are registered.
  10. In the final phase of setup, program and system settings are upgraded. Temporary files are removed and the computer is rebooted for the final time.

At this point the upgrade is almost complete. The only thing left to do is to activate your copy of Windows XP. After you log onto your new desktop, do not forget to check the Windows Update Web site for any additional updates.

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