If you’ve never lived in a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity like Silicon Valley, you have no idea what you’re missing from a professional networking perspective. I used to live in Silicon Valley, through the entire “dotcom” bubble period, and what I most fondly remember was the plethora of superb networking opportunities, from “geek dinners’ years before it hit the blogosphere (anyone remember endless supplies of potstickers at UC Berkeley with the CSRG gang while talking about the future of the Internet back in the late 1980’s?) to lectures, talks, roundtables, and Q&A sessions galore.

Now that I live in Colorado, though, even with the many smart entrepreneurs and business people in this state, I just haven’t found the same level of networking around. And so, I write about my thoughts:

    The Colorado Entrepreneurial Community

It’s not only important to us Coloradans, it’s a topic that’s important to any state that seeks to foment change and birth new startups in its own backyard.

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