Maybe I just don’t spend enough time watching what is going on around me at the grocery store? Then again, maybe the addition of mindless commercial TV content to my local grocery store may have been long overdue?

The story…

As I managed to wrap up the last of my grocery shopping for the week, I headed to the checkout lane only to find myself surrounded by talking TV screens with various sorts of entertainment news being broadcasted in my general direction. At first, I found the entire thing really annoying. After all, if I can’t unplug at the grocery store, then where can I for goodness sake? Yet as I stood there waiting for the checker to move things along with her long line of customers, I began to find myself becoming entranced with the nonsense being spewed forth on my checkout lane’s own private idiot box.

After a few minutes of that, I took a moment to take it all in: Cooking ideas, new products that I really did not need and other useless information which under normal circumstances would simply prompt me to change the channel. It looks as if our supermarkets, hardware stores (ironmongers to those of you across the pond) and perhaps even our convenience stores have sold us out completely. Our attention is no longer our own as it is being sought after to the highest bidder, even when trying to pick up a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk.

Some may argue that this is simply making better use of our idle time. You know, giving the store a chance to introduce us to the latest ‘thing’. But you know what, the store has already been compensated with the money they are receiving from me for the goods I am taking home from their establishment. It’s not like they are paying for the goods and services with ads exclusively! I am paying through the nose already and now I’m finding myself being bombarded with ‘fluff-TV’ to boot.

On the flip side however, having the TV there blasting away did help me to place my attention onto something else besides the realization that this line was moving entirely too slow for my taste. The content may have been incredibly dry and boring, but it sure beat watching the kid in front of me showing others in line how he had managed to get his liquorice shoved up his nose almost entirely.

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