I have said it before and I will say it again, Feedview is one of my favorite Firefox extensions out there today. It makes the world of RSS, XML, and syndication a little easier for new folks to understand and for that I am very happy and grateful. Now it looks like Feedview’s usability will be built into Firefox 2.0.

Via Feedview’s author’s Web site I learned this:

My tiny Firefox extension will be included in the main browser.

Originally it would be part of Firefox 1.5, but because of the urge for perfection the Mozilla developers needed more time.

The new Feedview will include most features that people have been asking for. Like correct date handling, better html viewing, the rss icon will show Feedview instead of a livemark dialog. I will keep the Feedview installer on the site up, but I will not update it anymore. Let’s just hope Firefox 2.0 will be here soon.

So the bad news here is we will have to wait till Firefox 2.0 to see a pretty interface to the XML in RSS feeds via Firefox. The good news is that once it does roll around it will be an interface worth looking at.