Today’s Warped site is very down to Earth. After yesterday’s trip to outer space, I thought a change of pace was in order. Today’s site puts a little light on the subject of longevity. In case you’re curious, keep on reading.

The site is named Livermore’s Centennial Light, and is dedicated to the longest burning light bulb in the history of electricity. This bulb has been in continuous operation since 1901, at first in the fire department hose cart house (that is when they still used horses to pull the engines). It has been moved twice since, finally winding up at the fire station in Livermore California.

Recognized by Guinness Book of World Records as the record holder, it has also been featured as a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, as well as hundreds of other articles, television, and radio features. The bulb is available for visiting between the hours of 8am ’til 5pm Monday through Friday at the fire station. Weekend hours are dependent on the availability of the fire station staff (they may be out fighting fires).

This is a cool site, well presented, and interesting, to boot. On the Warp-o-Meter, it rates a 5 – a good, mid-range warped site.

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