Ever have one of those days? You know the sort, things start out just outstanding. Life is grooving right along and then boom, reality hits ya. This happened to me today in a very big way. Yes, even though I am pretty much finished with my Linspire review, there was some confusion in regards to the support for 802.11g and this has caused me to hold off a little bit.

Without giving away the juicy details, I went to the store and picked up two Wi-Fi cards that I planned on using for the review. One is said to be undocumented, yet works. The other was just wishful thinking, but figured it might be fun to try with ndiswrapper. Well, as luck would have it, I made some discoveries that sort of made me rethink my being able to present my findings here today.

See, I have a notebook with integrated 802.11b/g. And while Linspire does detect the device, getting it to work was something else altogether. Was it the fault of the OS? Nope, in this case it appears to be something with the hardware. After some investigation, I am seeing evidence that it has some ‘stuff’ going on with the BIOS that may be causing some of the headaches that I am experiencing. Besides, since I use 802.11b at home with a specific card already with my Linux install, so the 802.11g stuff is all news to me.

It’s funny because Linspire clearly has cards that it has certified as working with version 5.0 of the OS. Yet since my integrated wireless option appears to interfere with my Broadcom-based devices during the testing, I am forced to return the wireless cards so I can start over again. Tomorrow I am going to buy this card as it is reported as working. As to the validity of randomly buying devices like I did earlier today. Well, needless to say, ‘lesson’ learned!