One thing I have come to learn about specific ISPs. If an excuse can be made, then chances are you can count on one coming about. This happened to me recently with one high speed Internet company and for once, it was not Comcast or our local DSL company.

Because the problem was resolved, I will leave the name of the company out of today’s article. Besides, the story surrounding the whole thing is rather amusing. And that, folks, is where the fun really comes from – the story.

It all started when I was called in to check out a problem with one of my client’s referrals. For the most part, I have been trying to limit any new repair business, but I really liked the referrers, so I decided to make an exception in this case. Anyway, I arrive on the scene and sure enough, the connection problems are not the fault of any OS related issue that I can see. I examined everything on the front room PC and discovered something really bizarre. Boot the PC once, it claims your network card is not plugged into the network itself. Reboot, everything is fine. The funny thing is just how clockwork this situation really is. You can actually predict each boot response!

After making a note of it, I head to the back room where troubled PC #2 sat. This computer also had major issues with getting connected. So major in fact that it just never worked at all! Yup, there is no connection at all on this baby. With this in mind, I took it off the router and reset the IP settings so that it could pull a straight IP address from the ISP itself and left the router out of the mix. Success? Not by a long shot.

Seeing a pattern, I pull my duel boot notebook and tried renewing an IP with both my Windows partition and with my Linux. Neither of them would give me diddly. “Well, it looks like we are going to have to test the machines and then consider something being up with the modem,” I thought to myself. Later that day both machines tested great elsewhere. So it was time to deal with the ISP – again. See, I actually called them once before to check the signal to the modem. They told me everything was grand. And that led me to all of the other steps above.

Now to be honest, the thought of having to call them and getting them to admit that something had to be up with their modem was not how I wanted to spend the next half an hour. Unfortunately, that is what I had to endure no matter my feelings.

When it was all said and done, this was the verdict: Front room PC had a bad NIC. Also the cable modem was bad, even though the ISP swore up and down it should have been just fine. Lesson learned today? Trust your instincts and most important, be firm. You are sure the modem is the problem, then don’t let the ISP bully you into thinking otherwise.

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