It’s not always easy to shop for other people. After all, what are you supposed to get for someone who supposedly has everything? If you’re relatively close friends with the person that you’re shopping for, then you may have a little insight into what they like, and can then buy them something accordingly. However, when the same old standard gift just doesn’t say what you want it to say to the person, it’s time to get a little creative. I Want One Of Those presents an array of unique gift options to choose from.

This site from the UK contains items that you’re probably not going to find in any mall or retail store. They’re creative, cool, attractive, and fun. The range of merchandise listed on the site runs the gamut, so you’re sure to find an item (or items) worth purchasing for your friends and family. Hey, after shopping for everyone else, you’re probably even going to want to get something for yourself. Go ahead – you deserve it.